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Roy Taylor & The MND Assassins Big Band

Roy Taylor & The MND Assassins Big Band

"This is NOT a charity song. It's a positivity song. It's my story and what we're gonna do with Motor Neurone Disease, we're gonna kick it in the backside!" - Roy Taylor
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WATCH HERE – Roy Taylor & The MND Assassins (Official Music Video)

Our Goal

Development of New Effective Treatments
Developing new effective treatments is essential in defeating MND. This may come through new drug discoveries or re-purposing drugs in platform trials.
Better-Designed, More Inclusive Clinical Trials
Only 8% of MND patients in Ireland are eligible to partake in clinical trials. We must change this now.
New Objective Outcome Measures
Supporting the development of more objective outcome measures will ensure more accurate assessment of patient disease progression throughout clinical trials. This will inherently assist in the development of more effective treatments for MND.

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A Time for Optimism

Who We Are

Motor Neurone Disease is relentless...but so are we.
Roy Taylor
Roy Taylor


Musician, Entertainer, Songwriter, MND/ALS Warrior.

Terence Taylor
Terence Taylor


PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Data Scientist, Musician.

Research Motor Neurone
Research Motor Neurone

Research Partner

MND Research group in Trinity College, Dublin 2. Ireland

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Dublin, Ireland
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