Roy Taylor once represented Ireland with his band Jump the Gun in the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest. They were beaten that year by someone named Céline Dion.

Roy Taylor of Jump the Gun at Eurovision 1988 (RTÉ Photographic Archive)

Following a highly successful music career, and nearly 30 years to the day after the highs of Eurovision, Roy was given the news he had Motor Neurone Disease (MND, also know as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Since his diagnosis early 2018, Roy has decided to not let MND have it all its own way.

Then I decided there are two things I can do; roll up in a ball or roll up my sleeves and try to do something about it. The latter is exactly what we decided to do. 

Roy Taylor
Terence, Roy’s son (left) and Roy Taylor (right) on set of the Watch Your Back MND music video shoot.

Together with his family and friends, they have launched Watch Your Back MND to raise funds specifically for MND research. MND is a devastating disease that can take away many of the things we all take for granted such as walking and talking. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure or effective treatment with only 8% of MND patients eligible for clinical trials in Ireland. This is simply not acceptable. So, Watch Your Back MND is here to help put an end to MND, for good. 

Our Mission

Raise funds required to;

  • Develop new effective treatments for MND.
  • Fund more inclusive, better-designed clinical trials for MND. 
  • Support research into developing more objective outcome measures to allow for more accurate measurement of disease progression and treatment efficacy.

MND is not untreatable, it’s underfunded

Prof. Orla Hardiman

All funds raised will be donated to Research Motor Neurone led by Prof. Orla Hardiman. Prof. Hardiman is one of Europe’s leading MND researchers based in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She believes that Motor Neurone Disease is NOT untreatable, it is UNDERFUNDED! There is now real optimism that a breakthrough is possible in the not too distant future. However, this all solely depends on funding. This is where YOU come in. Be a part of this incredible journey with us to make history, save lives and spread some positivity along the way. So, Watch Your Back MND, we’re coming for you!